Shuttle Services

The NVTMA provides First Mile/Last Mile gap connections between public transportation hubs and worksites. Resources can be combined to cost-effectively connect TMA Member locations to transit stations via shuttle services. Interested TMA Members can elect to establish new shuttles and/or connect to an existing shuttle. The cost of these shuttles can be shared among participants. For more information on starting a shuttle for your business or residential development or to connect to an existing shuttle, please contact director@neponsetvalleytma.org

Exisiting NVTMA Shuttles:

RaiLink Shuttle

Serves Quincy Adams Station, 128 Commuter Rail Station, Ashmont Station, Mattapan Station, Computershare and Reebok.

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University Ave Shuttle

Serves the 128 Commuter Rail Station, the employees of Eversource and the tenants of 690 Canton Street and 101 Station Drive.

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Dedham on the Move

Serves Spring St, Dedham Mall, E. Dedham, Dedham Sq, Dedham Plaza, Legacy Place, Dedham Corp. Center & Endicott Station.

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Live Shuttle Tracking

Provided by Ride Systems, track any of our shuttles from virtually anywhere—online or on your smart phone. Select 'Neponset Valley TMA' as your transit agency to see the route, your nearest stop, and a copy of the schedule.

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Download the free Ride Systems mobile app, available for Apple and Android devices. Set your transit agency to 'Neponset Valley TMA' to get live updates of all our shuttles.


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Green Commuters: Never get Stranded

Our Emergency Ride Home Program (ERH) gives you the peace of mind to commute sustainably. ERH guarantees you transportation home, to the doctor, daycare, or any other qualified destination via Lyft™, taxi or rental car if an emergency arises when you commuted to work by carpool, vanpool, transit, biking, or walking. Register today to ensure eligibility!

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Advantages of Offering a Shuttle Service

Happier, more productive employees

Our shuttles have WiFi, allowing your employees to relax and ease into their work day all while letting someone else do the driving. 

Invaluable advantage for recruitment & retention

Shuttles can provide the necessary connection to your worksite, providing you with access to the best talent. Studies show that employees are more likely to stay at an organization when their commute isn’t tough. Shuttles bridge the gap between public transportation hubs and your worksite making your location accessible for everyone. 

Demonstrates a commitment to less congested roadways

We all benefit when the air we breathe is cleaner and the roads we drive, walk and ride along are less congested. Shuttles take cars off the road resulting in less traffic.

Why start a shuttle with NVTMA?

As a member of the Neponset Valley TMA, we can help facilitate a shared shuttle with other members, reducing the cost of operating a shuttle alone. Our expert staff also provides optimized route planning, ridership reports, and administration of shuttle operations.